AA arcane archer (prestige class)
AB attack bonus
AC armor class
AoE area of effect
APR attacks per round
BAB base attack bonus
BBoD black blade of disaster (spell)
BG blackguard (prestige class)
CC custom content or community content
CEP Community Expansion Pack
CHA charisma (ability)
Clr cleric (class)
CON constitution (ability)
CoT champion of Torm (prestige class)
CR challenge rating
Crit critical hit
CS called shot (feat)
CS crippling strike (rogue bonus feat)
DA death attack (feat); a special ability of the assassin, similar to sneak attack.
DC difficulty class
DC Devastating Critical
DEX dexterity (ability)
DM Dungeon Master
DM Divine Might
DnD Dungeons & Dragons, Pen-and-paper role playing game the basis of Neverwinter Nights.
DP divine power (spell)
DR damage reduction or damage resistance
Dru druid (class)
DS Divine Shield
DS Dragon Shape
dump to allocate a large amount of saved skillpoints at a single level-up
DW dual-wield (either as a character description or the feat)
DwD dwarven defender (prestige class)
EBT Evard's black tentacles (spell)
ECL effective character level
EDR epic damage reduction (feat)
EMA epic mage armor
ER elemental resistance
ESF epic skill focus (feat)
ESF epic spell focus (feat)
EWF epic weapon focus (feat)
EBT Evard's black tentacles (spell)
EWS epic weapon specialization (feat)
Fort fortitude (saving throw)
FP full plate (armor)
Ftr fighter (class)
GMW greater magic weapon (spell)
GS greater sanctuary (spell)
HD hit dice
HiPS hide in plain sight (feat)
HotU Hordes of the Underdark The second expansion pack,or just its campaign.
HnS hack & slash (game type) or H&S
HP hit points
HS Harper scout (prestige class)
IC Improved Critical
ID improved disarm (feat)
IE improved evasion (feat)
IGMS Isaac's greater missile storm (spell)
IKD improved knockdown (feat)
INT intelligence (ability)
IPA improved power attack (feat)
IWWA Improved Whirlwind Attack (feat)
KD knockdown (feat)
LMB lesser mind blank (spell)
lvl level; class level, character level, dungeon level, monster level.
MD Mordenkainen's disjunction (spell)
Mod module
Mod modification (custom content) Not often used by custom content
authors due to potential confusion with"module".
Mod ability modifier
MM magic missile (spell)
MM melee mage (character build type/playing style)
MMF metamagic feats
MMM multiclass melee mage (melee mage type build, with slight multiclassing)
Mord Mordenkainen's disjunction (spell)
MP multiplayer
MS move silently (skill)
NEB negative energy burst (spell)
NPC non-player character
OC original campaign; the first campaign that came with the game.
OC Overwhelming Critical
PA power attack (feat)
pally paladin (class)
PC player character
PDK purple dragon knight (prestige class)
PGC Pretty good character creator/converter
PM pale master (prestige class)
PnP pen and paper; players sitting around a table, throwing dice,
keeping track of the game on paper
PrC prestige class; sometimes confused with PRC
PRC Player Resource Consortium; sometimes confused with PrC
PvE player vs. environment; same as PvM
PvM player vs. monster; same as PvE
PvP player vs. player (i.e. dueling)
PW persistent world
RDD red dragon disciple (prestige class)
Ref reflex (saving throw)
Rgr ranger (class)
RL real life
Rog rogue (class)
RP roleplay
SD shadowdancer (prestige class)
sneaks sneak attacks (rogue attack against an enemy not in combat); also SA
Sorc sorcerer (class)
SoU Shadows of Undrentide; the first expansion pack, or just its campaign.
SP single-player
spam to execute the same action repeatedly
SR spell resistance
ST saving throw
STR strength (ability)
TS true seeing (spell or property) or true strike (arcane spell)
TWF two-weapon fighting (feat)
UEF undeath's eternal foe (spell)
UMD use magic device (skill)
Vault IGN Neverwinter Vault; a website for uploading/downloading custom content
WIS wisdom (ability)
Wiz wizard (class)
WF weapon focus (feat)
WM weapon master (prestige class)
WP weapon proficiency (feats)
WS weapon specialization (feat)
WWA whirlwind attack (feat)
XP experience points